What is #WIPchatBuddies?

#WIPchatBuddies is a beta reader/critique partner matching event. You will have the opportunity to find the perfect BR or CP for all of your writing and editing needs.

When is #WIPchatBuddies?

#WIPchatBuddies will start on the first Monday of each month and last through the following Saturday. This will give you a full week to get those tweets out there.

How do I participate in #WIPchatBuddies?

To participate in #WIPchatBuddies, you send out a tweet with a short synopsis of you WIP with age group and genre, what you are looking for (BR or CP) and what kind of feedback you want. You are encouraged to like and retweet other #WIPchatBuddies tweets so that as many people as possible will see the tweets. Respond to all tweets that interest you.

What if I don't find a CP or BR during #WIPchatBuddies?

It's important to write a compelling synopsis when you send your tweets out, also, a lot of people aren't going to be willing to work with you if you aren't willing to swap. Make sure you have the time in your schedule to take on more reading before you commit to anything. If you don't find a BR or CP during the #WIPchatBuddies event, you can always try again the following month.

I've put together some lists of the things to put in your tweet. These aren't necessary, just suggestions.

Here are all of the dates for the upcoming #WIPchatBuddies events:

Feel free to contact me via Twitter with any questions or concerns.
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