Sunday April 8th from 5PM-10PM EST is the first ever #MCchat. The event will be hosted by Avrin Kelly, Manuel Arbanassi and me. Basically, the event is set up like a big party and our main characters will be tending bar. In preparation for the event, Manuel put together a short story to describe the setting, The Heart's Delight.
So bring along your main character and settle in for a fun night.

There was still a bright daylight when the tigress walked towards the short corridor at the corner of the three story building. With the lights still on, she couldn’t see well the neon lights of the Pleasure House’s insigna: hanging over the corner entrance, it was a big red heart with the ‘Heart’s Delight’ stylized logo inside it. It was hugged by a buxomy pink feminine shape and a blue, buff, sultry shape, outlined in neon.
With her Augmented Reality vision on, the tigress spent just a second to admire the animated figures in that virtual layer, sensually hugging and caressing the motionless neon outlines, with their hands under the heart doing unspeakable things.

The tigress opened in a grin, shaking her head and heading inside. The corridor was dark, the spotlights on the floor that would usually give some atmospheric, warm glow unlit.
The small nook for the bouncer was empty, since the place was still closed to the public.
She sent a short message to the people inside, trying not to spend too much time outside and give people the wrong idea, and the sturdy, big wooden doors were opened from the inside by a muscular man dressed in a black shirt and jeans. The most prominent feature of his bald head the mechanical third eye in the middle of his forehead, scanning her mercilessly as always.
“Still no chrome, housecat?”
“Oh, feis ort Ludwig. It’s way too early for me to answer that question.” she greeted the head bouncer, shaking her head and moving inside.
“I’m just saying. Lots of redecoration to do for tomorrow. You could have used the boost in strength.”
“I can bloody move shit with my mind. I don’t need implants for that.” she replied in a showily annoyed tone. It was a typical conversation opener for them, the man trying his best to convert people to mechanical prosthetics - of which he already had quite a few.
“Bah. Suit yourself, housecat. If you’re looking for Paula, she’s in her office, sorting the invitations and the organization for tomorrow.”
“Thanks.” the tigress replied, taking off her jacket and remaining in her hoodie and cargo trousers. Considering she was going to help with the redecoration, at least she wanted to be comfortable.

Holding her jacket, she took a moment to appreciate the place. Despite being a regular, it was always a pleasure to be in the nightclub - the tall ceiling had soft, moody lights, giving the dark red decor of the walls, interrupted by tall windows capable of obscuring at a simple command to give a fumé effect. The ground floor was peppered with circular tables and comfortable chairs, surrounding the various pole-dance stages where the entertainers would present themselves. The AR integration was still showing the night before’s schedule and ratings to have some private ‘fun’ with them in the upper floor rooms, accessed from the stairs on the far right corner of the spacious floor. A longer catwalk and circular, bigger stage was dead center in the far side of the room, with the DJ booth closeby, used for main events.
On the lefthand side of the room there was the long, old-style wooden counter, with a glass countertop. A vast array of liquors was standing on the shelves mounted in front of a mirror.

Avoiding the various stools, the tigress waved at the other workers still redecorating for the big event night, the buxomy demoness making sure the access to the upper floor was closed. It was a somewhat clean event after all.

Zoe moved behind the counter, opening the door to the office - the difference was stark. Where the public space was atmospheric and geared towards entertainment and sensuality, the office was brightly lit and functional. Behind the glass desk there was the bulky shape of Paula, her muscular body relaxed on the comfortable office chair and her mechanical arm tapping its finger on the desk surface. A small icon in AR over her head indicated she was in a call, so the tigress took the time to check the protection seal she traced some time ago.
Luckily, the potted plant wasn’t there anymore, so she simply checked the runeset for any smirch or imperfection.
Satisfied, she simply waited for Paula to finish her call.
“I told you I need the catering by tomorrow, and if you know what’s good for you, you better get it. I swear, I paid good money for it, you don’t want to screw this up. Clear? Good.”
With a huff, the bodybuilder-built woman closed the call, readjusting her neon pink hair flowing down the right side of her head, the left side partially shaven in a stylistic haircut.
“Fucking unprofessional people. Speaking of which. Hey Tiogair.”
Zoe gave her a deadpan stare. “Haha. Hey. So, getting everything ready?” she asked, settling the jacket on the coathanger and sitting on the guest chair in front of the desk.
“Girls and boys have their couple days off, catering is gonna come through even if I have to go kick their ass personally and I arranged transportation for those guest bartenders...Thierry Adler and Hayden Howell. They seem nice. You three are gonna go along well.”
“I still can’t believe ISSTAR managed to pull this stuff off. We’re talking full dimensional hopping here.”
“I guess someone up there really wants to showcase their tech. And hey, this means more people will get to know our stories, doesn’t it?”
“Well yes, that’s true. Gonna bet on me on the next popularity polls?”
“I wouldn’t be caught dead doing that after last time. Sorry, Tio.”
Paula chuckled, and gave her a long stare, with a creepy smile on her lips. Zoe frowned.
She didn’t like that expression.
“You know” the Pleasure House owner started. “Funny thing you should say that now. ‘Cause I was just about to say that tomorrow you have the first two hours shift behind the counter at the event.”
The tigress laughed heartily, shaking her head. “Hah! Right, and there I was getting worried. Good one.”
“I’m not kidding, Tio.”
“You know” Paula continued “interesting byproduct of ISSTAR doing this whole thing? I saw that interview you had on...Twitter? That’s what’s called, right? That social media. That stool isn’t going to pay itself…”
“B-But it’s the big night!” Protested Zoe, taken aback by those news.
“I know. And I thought, what better way to have people like you and get to know you than you actually serving some drinks. And in the meantime repaying my stool.”
“It wasn’t my fault, that asshole was harassing me!”
“And that is why I have security staff. You broke the no violence rule, and you destroyed property. You’re covering first shift.”
The tigress tried to find some other point to counteract. She suddenly widened her eyes. “I can’t mix a drink to save my life!”
“Nice try, but no. You’re gonna log on the AR assistant. It’s gonna be easy as pie.” before the tigress could rebuke, Paula rose her mechanical hand with her index up. “Or, I tell Aisha about it.”
That last threat made it. With a defeated huff, the tigress slumped back on the chair. “Aight. Boss. Just this time, though.”
“Good girl.” Paula chided with a satisfied grin.
Zoe sighed. And smiled herself, shaking her head. At least it would be an interesting night.

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