Looking for a Beta-Reader or Critique Partner?

Come join us on Monday, May 7th all day long and find your perfect Beta-Reader or CP.

First things first. Let's talk about the differences between a beta reader and critique partner. By definition, a beta reader is really just a reader who reads before you publish. You should not be seeking beta readers unless you have a complete and polished manuscript. A beta reader also will only make big picture suggestions.

A critique partner is someone who will go through your work, scouring the pages for mistakes and issues. Normally, I don't look for critique partners until I've finished a second draft, but I've heard of people doing it on their first drafts. A CP will offer very detailed feedback and might even spot and grammar/spelling issues. Most of the time a CP will be a swap. You will critique their work, while they critique your work.

Every writer needs critiques and beta-readers. I personally swear by critiques to improve my writing. So I will be hosting an event to help each of you find a CP or beta reader. Here are some things to include in your Tweet on Monday.


The sound of an alarm rang. It was a small, brightly lit room, filled with whirring machines. A man stood in the middle of the room, his eyes gleaming with excitement. His hair mussed and his long, white lab coat covered in coffee stains. He had been working non-stop for the last five months in a desperate attempt to return his life to what it used to be. 

“This is it.” He stepped towards the long tube like machine in front of him and pressed his palm to the sensor. The doors whooshed open, the air sending his mussed hair every which way.

The Auction

“Damn! That bastard got me again.” Logan shouted. He clicked the mouse, raising the bid.

“How about that, you fucker?” Logan smiled to himself and reached for the bowl sitting next to the computer. He leaned back in his chair and crammed a handful of the buttery popcorn into his mouth. His eyes never left the screen. There were only five more minutes in the auction and he would win this one. He was packed and ready, he had to win. A high-pitched sound came from the tiny speakers hidden behind the computer. Red writing flashed across the screen.


Monster Dear David, Why did you do this to me? You left me broken and incomplete and I'll never be the same. You took the one...