The Midnight Vixen

This week, I'm sharing a short story written by Avrin Kelly. It's inspired by my short story, Home, which can be found here, if you haven't checked it out.
I'm honored to present:
The Midnight Vixen

I have a bit of a strange hobby: I like to run around my city at night and fight crime. You know, give those assholes who like to bother unsuspecting women in dark corners a run for their money.
Surprise them, right when they think they've won.
I used to be a gymnast, and that made it a little easier for me to learn parkour. It's the best way to get around in a tight spot.
Think outside the box; go under or over an obstacle. Really keep them guessing at what I might do next.
It's the biggest advantage I have.
People started calling me the Midnight Vixen.
It's a little cheesy, but I don't mind.
At least they like the fact that I'm around.
I'm proud that what I do makes people feel safer.
It makes bad guys more likely to leave you alone if they think I might be running about.
Black leather is a staple of mine, but it’s not my only color. I never understood why superheros only stick to one color/ outfit.
I can’t do that.
They know I’m me because of the things I do for my city. And, thanks to me being fabulous, they now know that it is possible to kick ass, fight crime and look great while doing it too.
I don’t wear heels.
I wear steel toed boots, so it really hurts when I kick you in the balls. I’m not a melee expert like some of the vigilantes. I use a taser, bear mace and my personal favorite, a big ass stick.
It’s better than a baseball bat.
You can’t use a baseball bat to vault over an assailant. Although, it does make stopping for groceries on the way home a little awkward when you have to walk around with a big ass stick strapped to your back.
Just sayin’.
Anyway, I won’t be telling you my real name, secret identities and all that, but you can call me V.
I’m not the only one like me in my city either.
I have a friend named Lost, well, Lost is her superhero name at least, even though neither one of us have superpowers.
We don’t need powers to do what’s right.
Most nights, (like tonight), Lost and I meet up on top of the Bellaire building on the northside of town to shoot the shit before we go home for the night.
Trade stories, just talk.
I heard her boots clicking on the concrete behind me as I sat on the ledge of the building.
“Sup V? Didn’t think I’d see you tonight, it’s pretty late.”
I smiled. “Same shit, different day. You know I wouldn’t skip out on you…”
Lost sat down beside me and took a deep breath. “The Tadji Gang is back at it again. Bothering people on the west side.” She informed me.
“Ugh.” I grumbled, “I hate those guys.”
“Wanna gang up on ‘em later this week?”
“Sure. Thursday?”
“Thursday works for me.” She said with a smile.
“Have you heard about the new guy?”
“No. Got real powers?”
“What can he do?”
“I heard he makes people disappear.” I made a dipping motion with my left hand. “Right into a hole in the ground.”
Lost’s face wrinkled. “A hole in the ground?”
I nodded.
“Where’s it go?”
I shrugged. “I heard he calls it sending them ‘home’.”
She made a face. “We’d better not piss that guy off then. What’s he go by? What’s his handle?”
“I don’t know.” I sighed. “And I hope I never find out…”

Avrin Kelly is an avid reader and writer of everything creepy and horrifying. She hosts a blog, which can be found here. Avrin and I also host #52weeks52stories together. I'm in the process of reading her novel, Feud, and I'm absolutely loving it. Check it out. Check out these amazing reads by Avrin. Sign up for Kindle Unlimited today and read free for 30 days.

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  1. Hollie,
    Thank you so much for having me over for a bit of fan fiction regarding your short story, "Home". I really liked your story, it was an inspiration! Keep writing and Happy reading, everybody!



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