The Amazing Twitter Community

I'm no expert when it comes to Twitter, and I learn new things everyday. I started my Twitter experience in September of 2017 and I now have around 5,000 followers. Most of them are probably bots, but I have met some amazing people. The writing community on Twitter is something I've never experienced before. You will find some of the most supportive and helpful people here. Not only is there an amazing writing community, there's a community for just about everyone here.

So how do you get started:

Create a Twitter handle and start tweeting.

I know you're probably asking yourself so many questions and I'm going to do my best to answer them all. If I don't mention your question, feel free to contact me.

First of all, what do you tweet about?

I'm a big supporter of not only tweeting about your writing, but also tweeting about your life. I'm not saying to spill your beans about your entire life to complete strangers, but people want to know about you. They want to know what you do for a living and what you do in your free time. I'm completely honest with all of my followers, though there are certain things I don't bring up. Some things should be kept private.

Second, who do you follow?

Most of the people that I follow are writers, bloggers, editors, publishers, and readers. I will follow people who use the same hashtags I use. Also, I go through at least once a week and unfollow anyone who doesn't follow me back or isn't active. I want to connect with my followers.

Third, should you use an auto-DM?

This is a particularly controversial topic. Most people do not like to receive unsolicited messages from people, especially if those messages include buy links. Just don't do it. Normally, when I receive an auto-DM, I unfollow or block the person.

Fourth, to build your following, get yourself out there. Participate in events, hashtag games, and tweet chats. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite daily hashtag games. Be sure to check them out.

Daily line sharing games:


#SunWIP-share a line from your WIP hosted by @JudyLMohr
#sunscribbles-hosted by @dragonspireUK


#MoonMon-share a line from your WIP hosted by @byreneelozano
#Martialmonday-hosted by @EllisLoganBooks
#LoveLines-hosted by @AmandaKWrites & @ElleKarmaWrites


#2liestues-hosted by @krystle_rose
#Tuestropes-hosted by @chipmunkofpower
#Foodparty-hosted by @leximilesbooks & @chloequinnbooks
#Tuesstories-hosted by @janicefosse
#BookishTues-hosted by @_nicolanoble_


#1linewed-share a line from your WIP hosted by @Maria_Tureaud
#WackyWed-hosted by @BB_Swann
#Winewords-hosted by @SeeBenWrite & @AuthorVV_Mont


#thurstale-hosted by @grbankler
#Writethurs-hosted by @tanjasramirez
#3wordthurs-hosted by @ScribalReverie
#thurds-hosted by @thurdswords


#fictfri-hosted by @Gracie_DeLunac
#FriDare-hosted by @micascotti
#FaveFriday-hosted by @JoannaYfromLI
#Fri1st-hosted by @AllBrevityWit


#slapdashsat-hosted by @Madd_Fictional
#Badwordsat-hosted by @WillieHandler
#Writeverse-hosted by @Balderdash_Babe

Daily #amwriting games:

#IndieFeature-hosted by @DevSeventyFive
#WIPTruthorDare: Daily activities hosted by @MelanieAThurlow and @HHaydenWriter
#Tweepwriter-daily activities hosted by @_NicolaNoble_
#authorconfession-daily activities hosted by @_JM_Sullivan and @jjulien25
#CharactersTell-hosted by @m_arbanassi
#EspressoYourself-hosted by @ChelseaDeVries & @jmatteliano

Tweet Chats:

#WIPchat-every Sunday night at 9pm ET hosted by @HollieWrites13

#WritersPatch-every Sunday at 11am ET hosted by @PatchworkNerd

#JustAddTea-every Sunday at noon ET hosted by @ellamays

#StoryCrafter-every Sunday at 3pm ET hosted by @writerology

#WM_Chat-Writer moms-every Monday at 11pm ET hosted by @EverlyReed

#chance2connect-the second Tuesday of every month hosted by @_KimChance
#writerslifechat-every Wednesday at 8pm ET hosted by @JessieIngold

#StorySocial-every Wednesday at 9pm ET hosted by @storysocialchat

#charactertherapy-every saturday at 3pm ET hosted by @VivyanLynne

I'm also a part of a new short story challenge #BlankPC and also hosting #52weeks52stories.

Follow @writevent for more writing events.
I hope this post helps and don't forget to follow me @HollieWrites13

I have been a part of a number of hashtag events/games/chats and even though I don't consider myself an expert, I'd be more than happy anyone. If you are interested in starting your own chat or game and have questions, hit me up.


  1. OMG! Thank you sooooooooo much for posting this. I now have this page/ post bookmarked for future reference! You're the best, girl!!!

  2. Thank you for this list! This is so helpful!



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