A Trip Home

This story was inspired by another short story I recently wrote, Home. Check out the original piece here

A Trip Home

My name is William Stone. Also known as Willy B, roughest, toughest dope dealer in town. No one fucked with Willy B, unless they had a death wish.

Now, I'm stuck in this cell and I don't know how to get out. Let me tell you what happened.

The Midnight Vixen

This week, I'm sharing a short story written by Avrin Kelly. It's inspired by my short story, Home, which can be found here, if you haven't checked it out.
I'm honored to present:
The Midnight Vixen

I have a bit of a strange hobby: I like to run around my city at night and fight crime. You know, give those assholes who like to bother unsuspecting women in dark corners a run for their money.
Surprise them, right when they think they've won.
I used to be a gymnast, and that made it a little easier for me to learn parkour. It's the best way to get around in a tight spot.
Think outside the box; go under or over an obstacle. Really keep them guessing at what I might do next.


My newest short story, Home, is up and ready for you all to read. This is my favorite short story I've written this year. I hope you like it as much as I do. You can find it on Rebecca Yelland's blog. Click here to check it out.

The Amazing Twitter Community

I'm no expert when it comes to Twitter, and I learn new things everyday. I started my Twitter experience in September of 2017 and I now have around 5,000 followers. Most of them are probably bots, but I have met some amazing people. The writing community on Twitter is something I've never experienced before. You will find some of the most supportive and helpful people here. Not only is there an amazing writing community, there's a community for just about everyone here.

So how do you get started:

Short Story Tips with Avrin and Hollie

With the impending start of The Blank Page Challenge and the ongoing #52weeks52stories challenge, Avrin Kelly and I decided we would share some tips and tricks for writing awesome short stories.

First of all, let me introduce Avrin Kelly. Avrin and I met last year through a tweet chat I host, (#WIPchat), in late 2017. After reading some of her amazing work, Twine in particular, I decided we had to be friends. She is an amazing writer and her stories will leave you with nightmares. (I'm not kidding) Avrin spends most of her time writing and running her blog, Wicked Shorts, where you can find more of her amazing stories. If you haven't followed Avrin yet, do so right this minute.

Today is Not the Day

My newest short story, Today is Not the Day, can be found on the lovely Avrin Kelly's blog. Check it out here.


Just a Dream

Just a Dream
Hollie Hausenfluck

The sun shines bright in the sky. The wind blows in her face. She looks to her left. Damon looks back at her and her heart melts. She remembers all the reasons they fell for each other: his dirty blonde hair, twinkling blue eyes, and the small scar above his lip. She smiles at him and he returns the smile, stretching the tiny scar flat. He twists his fingers into hers.

“I love you, Anna.”

“I love you too, Damon.”

A sound wakes her from the moment. Tires screeching on the road and the sound of metal crunching. An arm reaches out in front of her, pushing her back into the seat. Her head slams back into the headrest and her eyes close.


Monster Dear David, Why did you do this to me? You left me broken and incomplete and I'll never be the same. You took the one...